Every Day is International Women's Day at GreenOrbit

Posted by Kath McNiff on Mar 8, 2019 7:40:00 AM

Here at GreenOrbit, we use Jira (project tracking software by Atlassian) to schedule our tasks and track our work.

This morning, as I waited for the caffeine to kick in, I set about arranging the tasks on my board in aesthetically pleasing ways - left, right, up, down - until one item broke through my procrastinatory haze.

"Write blog post for International Women's Day"

It caught my attention because it's a pleasant departure from the tech-focused material I usually write. But, I have to admit, it scared me a little too.

Although I've been a woman for decades now, I haven't given International Women's Day much thought. Shameful but true.

Caught up in the busyness of life - working, parenting, juggling - I've never really stopped to consider what the day meant.  

Until now.

Towards a Gender-Balanced World

The theme for this year's International Women's Day is #balanceforbetter.

As I look around the office, I see this in action everywhere - amazing women spanning the spectrum of age, culture, experience and expertise.

There's Sai Chalermsan - a genius designer who loves to sing. Taryn Korman, a campaign manager who paints masterpieces in her spare time. Nina Wan, a tech wizard and web developer who loves rabbits.

All great women - led by the switched-on Terri McKinnon, who manages young kids (and us) without ever dropping a ball.

TarynandSai 1

Across the room, I see Lesley Maea - intranet guru and accomplished pianist. She's sitting beside Jasmine Clapton an amazingly knowledgeable project expert and Carmen Duncan, a problem-solving Support Analyst.

We're a diverse group of women but we love working together. We celebrate our differences, take turns at mentoring and being mentored, collaborate constantly and - best of all - we laugh (and eat) whenever possible.

women at greenorbit

I'm starting to realize that the meaning of International Women's Day is playing out in my workplace, before my very eyes.

I decide to go deeper.

Celebrating Women-in-Tech

Women at GreenOrbit make up close to 40% of our total workforce. Most of us are in tech or tech-adjacent roles - so it makes sense to consider International Women's Day through this lens.

Only 14% of all CTO positions in tech companies belong to women - that makes our own CTO, Josie Mangano, something of a unicorn.

As ambassador to women in mathematical sciences at ASMIJosie is keenly aware of the forces at play. 

"You won't be what you can't see. We need to tell young girls about the opportunities in tech and show them that the tech space is broad and women can play a major part in it."

Josie leads a global team of technology experts, many of whom are women. I decide to draw on their experience and wisdom - asking them how we can encourage more women to choose careers in technology.

Hey Girls - Tech is Fun!

Anuradha Sardesai, a Product Owner in our Pune office, was intrigued by the infinite universe as a child - she loved solving puzzles and tricky mathematical problems.

Anurada Casual

Anuradha believes young girls need role models who can teach them to appreciate technology - and who can downplay the perceived complexity. We need to show girls that tech can be a rewarding (and cool!) career.

Ketaki Kulkarni takes a similar view - suggesting that initiatives like, Teaching Girls to Code and encouraging girls to study STEM subjects, can help us get more women into technology.

As a young girl in high school, Ketaki was fascinated by the ways technology could change the world. She sees gender diversity as crucial to a company's success.


Back in our Melbourne office, Sarah Reynolds loves combining the technical with the creative in her role as Lead UX Specialist. She'd like to see more information being given to young girls so they can see what it means to work in tech and the possibilities that exist.

Like Sarah, Andrea Boundy (who leads the UX team) is passionate about demonstrating how much fun tech can be:

"Tech still has this image of the nerdy guy who sits and plays with computers, but really tech is about being on the bleeding edge of what’s coming and what’s new and what’s possible. Plus it’s really creative – you get to MAKE things".


Our Lead Software QA Engineer, Sheena Shoby, believes that more women would work in tech if they could see that it offers great work/life balance - including flexible hours and work at home options.

We're incredibly proud of these inspiring women who are kicking goals and paving the way for young girls to follow. 

This year's International Women's Day is about forging a more gender-balanced world - and these women are embodying that goal every day. 

Making Life Easier

As women, we're especially attuned to the ways GreenOrbit can make life easier for our sisters-in-arms:

  • Giving them access to the tools they need, no matter when or where they need them.

  • Automating the boring admin so they can focus on people, innovation and success.

  • Making it easy for them to connect, share ideas and support each other - having fun along the way.

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

As far as the workplace goes, it's fair to say I've been around. 

I know that women have come a long way - particularly in tech. Unfortunately, while climbing the male-dominated ladder, we haven't always been kind to each other. But times are changing.

The glass ceiling may not be broken yet - but the cracks are definitely showing.

I get it now. This day isn't an abstract concept celebrating a lofty idea. It's about real women who are out there getting work done and making things happen. Women who are supporting each other every step of the way.

So from all of us at GreenOrbit - Happy International Women's Day!



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GreenOrbit (formerly Intranet DASHBOARD) Accelerates Growth Expansion on Three Continents

Posted by Terri McKinnon on Jun 21, 2018 5:42:13 PM


At GreenOrbit we are experiencing unprecedented growth.  Recently we've opened three new offices across the USA, Australia and India, marking a significant leap in our company’s growth strategy.

Stewart Bairstow, CEO said, “This is an incredibly exciting time for GreenOrbit. By laying roots down in these regions, we are able to build even stronger relationships with regional clients and increase our presence in local markets,” 

“Another benefit will be the opportunity to leverage the density of technology talent in these areas and expand our dynamic team of development, consulting, marketing and management professionals.”

Our business now operates from nine locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and services clients across six continents.


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Welcoming Millennials to the Workforce

Posted by Connie Pandos on Aug 16, 2016 2:20:03 PM


Millennials are those born to the Baby Boomers.

In 2016, millennials are between the ages of 18 – 32.

Other names applied to this generation include:

  • Generation Y
  • Echo boomers
  • Digital natives

Millennials are the first generation who don’t know life without the internet and personal devices.

Staggeringly, millennials will represent 40% of the total workforce by 2020. No matter what industry you’re in, this generation is set to carry your business into the future. That means you need to understand their needs, wants, and expectations and act upon them swiftly.

So how can you millennial-proof your workplace, and attract the best of them to work for you?

It’s going to take more than a healthy salary to captivate and keep the best young workers. Surprisingly, PWC research found:

  • that while 64% of baby boomers listed their top job priority as income
  • 57% of millennials identified ‘enjoyment’ as their most important outcome of employment.

So, in one generation the fundamental reasons for working have shifted. Workplaces that nurture millennials and their new approach to work will reap the rewards in years to come.

Here are PWC’s top 5 insights to welcoming a new generation to your work place.

“90% of millennials say that work-life balance is important to them and 70% say it’s very important”.

Millennials make no apologies, they are the generation that seek to successfully achieve work life balance! They aim to fit work in around their life, and work when and where they feel most inspired.

What does this mean? They want to work less?

No - what they seek is flexibility in when and how they work.

They need access to digital content and ways to collaborate electronically. An intranet that makes work accessible anywhere, anytime is an expectation of millennials – a mobile friendly intranet is integral not optional.

 “Only 25% expected to work ‘regular office hours’, instead 38% expected to work mainly regular hours with some flexible working, and 32% expected to work predominately flexible hours”.

This generation of employees aim to work smarter, rather than longer and they expect to be rewarded on results, rather than the number of hours worked.

Improving productivity and efficiency is no longer related to increasing your hours of production and reducing costs. It’s about how effective you can be during working hours and being able to nominate when you work. So, business needs to ensure that employees have access to their work tools when they seek to work. A digital workplace is virtual and accessible 24/7 and is something that millennial employees expect you will have.

 “41% of millennials said they would rather communicate electronically than face to face or over the telephone”.

Digital communication and collaboration is second nature to millennials – they are totally comfortable with social and – they have an expectation that is how they will communicate at work.

While face to face meetings will always have their time and place, millennials expect access to ‘meet’ with colleagues at any time or place through technology.

A social intranet is a natural habitat for digital natives to thrive and prosper. So waste no time in implementing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) that will enable constant collaboration and access to colleagues.

 “51% of those questioned said feedback should be given very frequently or continually on the job, while only 1% said feedback was not important to them”.

I often refer to millennials as the ‘blah’ generation – the generation that is ready to say something – the generation that is happy to ‘say it out loud’ – that is, ‘digitally out loud.’ They readily ‘blah’ to each other and ‘blah’ on content by: LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.

The ability to give feedback comes naturally to them and they seek to receive it.

Millennials are used to ‘Working Out Loud’. A social intranet is the perfect place to generate feedback, discussion & collaboration.

Employees can receive constructive feedback from colleagues and have their efforts recognised by their managers. It’s like a virtual pat on the back and they are comfortable for it to happen in open public environment like the intranet.

“38% of millennial workers believe that senior management do not relate to younger employees”.

Yes there is a divide, not just in years but in expectations and attitude towards work.

Business will do well to enable ways millennials and senior management can come together and learn from each other.

A ‘reverse-mentoring’ program is a fantastic way to connect older and younger staff. Millennials “respond well to mentoring by older employees in an ideal world, they would like to see their boss as a coach who supports them in their personal development.” Pairing younger employees with senior staff acknowledges the generational difference, with both parties having their own unique skills to teach each other.

In addition to this, a social intranet can facilitate introductions and connections to be made. Millennials and senior management can learn about each other, communicate, collaborate and establish relationships via social channels and apps in your intranet.

Generation Y are not a foreign species that you need to fear – they are digitally savvy and their expectations of technology in the workplace far exceed what most organisations have on offer.

So, stop considering whether you need an intranet with social & mobile capabilities and stop wondering about whether it will deliver any benefits.

2020 is only 4 years away – you cannot afford to wait!

Contact our intranet specialists and organize a demo today.

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